Designed Primarily

NEC portable DLP projectors are designed primarily for business and classroom use. NEC also makes projectors with multiple lens options for auditorium and house of worship installations

NEC Projectors (LCD & DLP) Promo PriceList

Model Spec / Fetures Price (RM) Remark
NPVE303 3000ANSI, SVGA , HDMI 1,630
NPVE303X 3000ANSI, XGA , HDMI 1,700
Model Spec / Fetures Price (RM) Remark
NP-L102W 1000ANSI, WXGA, 1.4 kg, USB, SD Card Slot, HDMI,
20k hrs lamp life, opt Wifi with Mac, iOS, Android & Window
Model Spec / Fetures Price (RM) Remark
NPV332X 3300ANSI, XGA, HDMI, RJ45 2,399
NPV332W 3300ANSI, WXGA, HDMI, RJ45 2,459
NPV302H 3000ANSI, Full HD, 10,000:1 contrast, 3D, 6k lamp life 4,180
NPMC331X 3300ANSI, XGA, Network, HDMIx2, USB x2, 15k Contrast 2,399 Face Plate + 10m VGA
NPMC331W 3300ANSI, WXGA, Network, HDMIx2, USB x2, 15k Contrast 2,520
NPME361W 3600ANSI, WXGA, Network, HDMIx2, USB x2, 15k Contrast 3,999 NEW MODEL
NPMC371X 3700ANSI, XGA, Network, HDMIx2, USB x2, 15k Contrast 2,699
NPME401W 4000ANSI, WXGA, Network, HDMIx2, USB x2, 15k Contrast 3,839  NEW MODEL
NPM403H 4000ANSI, WUXGA 1920×1200 Full HD, RJ45, HDMI, USB 6,699 FOC Ceiling Bracket KCB180
NPMC421X 4200ANSI, XGA, Network, HDMIx2, USB x2, 15k Con, Wifi Ready 3,899
Model Spec / Fetures Price (RM) Remark
NPM300XS 3000ANSI, XGA, 4.0kg, RJ45, HDMI, USB 2,999 Short Throw Wall Bracket
NPM350XS 3500ANSI, XGA, 4.0kg, RJ45, HDMI, USB 3,499 Short Throw Wall Bracket
NPM300WS 3000ANSI, WXGA, 4.0kg, RJ45, HDMI, USB 4,299 Short Throw Wall Bracket
Model Spec / Fetures Price (RM) Remark
NPUM280X 2800ANSI, XGA, 3000:1, 5.7kg 3,099 Short Throw Wall Bracket
NPUM280W 2800ANSI,WXGA, 3000:1, 5.7kg 3,299 Short Throw Wall Bracket
NPU310W 3100ANSI, WXGA, Ultra Short Throw 0.29:1 5,599 Short Throw Wall Bracket
NPUM330X 3300ANSI, XGA, 3000:1, Ultra Throw Ratio 0.36 : 1, 5.7kg 5,999 Short Throw Wall Bracket
NPUM330W 3300ANSI, WXGA, 3000:1, 5.7kg 6,399
Model Spec / Fetures Price (RM) Remark
NPP420X 4200ANSI, XGA, Lens Shift H,PIP (fixed lens) 6,399 Trade-in Up to RM 1500
NPPA500X 5000ANSI, XGA, 7.7kg, no lens 8,999
NPPA600X 6000ANSI, XGA, 7.7kg, no lens 12,999
NPPA550W 5500ANSI, WXGA, 7.7kg, no lens 12,999
NPPA500U 5000ANSI, WXGA, 7.8KG, no lens 23,999
NPPX700W 7000ANSI, WXGA , 19.7kg, no lens 25,999
NPPX750U 7500ANSI, WUXGA, 19.7kg, no lens 26,399
Model Spec / Fetures Price (RM) Remark
NPPH1000U 11000ANSI, WUXGA, 39.5kg, no lens 100,999 Screen Motorised 14’x14’

Standard NEC Projector Feature

  • Auto on , Auto Off, Auto Keystone ( except NP100/200), Timer, Eco Mode, Direct Power Off
  • Wall Color correction, Freeze , Picture Mute, Magnify, Syncronization
  • Warranty 3years parts and labor
  • Lamp warranty 2000hours or 7months whichevercomes first
  • Promotion items or offers valid for limited time only. Please check for latest promotions

Other Products

  • Wireless Adaptor for all projectors / plasmas / monitor brands ( can transform any display devices to receive WiFi signals)
  • LCD Displays, Plasma Displays/TV
  • Replacement Lamps of ALL BRANDS, Screens ( Motorised, Manual,Tripod,FastFold,Floor screens),Brackets,Cables & accessories


  • We provide servicing, repairs and maintenance for all projector models / brands
  • Design and Installation of Projection System
  • Trade-in old projectors of any kind ( up to RM 1000 – depending on models purchased & condition of trade-in unit)
  • Projector Warranty: 3 years on parts and labor
  • Lamp Warranty: 7 months or 2000 hours (whichever comes first)

High-performance Design

  • High Brightness up to 5000 ANSI Lumens (NP3150)
  • Wired/wireless LAN capable
  • Picture-in-picture function
  • Five optional lenses available for Flexible installation
  • Manual lens shift
  • Multiple input/output terminals
  • A variety of functions can be added by updating the firmware

Networkable projectors supporting Windows 10

The projectors support "Windows Network Projector" function, which is one of the brand-new features introduced with Windows Vista. You can make presentations from your PC via the network without connecting RGB cable, if your PC is running Windows Vista. You don't need to install any proprietary software application on your PC. Like using a networked printer, you can simply select which projector to use from the list presented on your PC screen. Furthermore, it is possible to remotely operate a PC installed some distance away from the projector via the network by using "Windows Remote Desktop" function.

Cinematic video powered by HQV (Hollywood Quality Video)

HD-like, vivid and crisp DVD images can be projected with the Reon VX video processor using HQV technology from Silicon Optix. HQV represents an enormous leap in video processing, with true flagship performance in noise reduction, de-interlacing and scaling.

  • Random and Mosquito Noise Reduction
  • Video and Film Cadence Detection (3:2 and 2:2 pull down)
  • Per-pixel Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing
  • Detail Enhancement
  • Full 10-bit processing, scaling and warping

Transfer Screen Images

By connecting a LAN cable to the LAN port (RJ-45) on the projector or installing the wireless LAN unit on the projector, it is possible to transfer screen images from the PC to the projector more quickly (2 to 3 times faster than conventional models from NEC) for on-screen presentation using Image Express Utility 2.0 software (Windows XP/2000 are available). This projector can change presenters with a single operation.

Become a Presenter

The person who wants to speak can send images from his/her PC to the projector just by clicking the "Become a Presenter" button. Furthermore, for a presentation in a large conference room, participants can confirm details of the projected images, such as small characters, etc., with their own PCs. A presenter can distribute files or documents used in the presentation through the network. And it is possible to turn the power of the projector on and off and switch input signals from a PC via the network.

Depending On The Country

Model name of the wireless LAN unit varies depending on the country where the unit is used (or to be used). Operation of the USB Wireless LAN Unit is subject to the regulations of the countries listed below, and may be prohibited from using outside the country where you purchased.If you need to use the projector with the unit abroad, remove the USB Wireless LAN Unit from the projector before exporting.

Multiple input/output DVI (digital) and built-in stereo speakers

Multiple input/output terminals include analogue RGB, 5-core BNC, DVI (digital),video, and S-video. (The analogue RGB and BNC also support component inputs.) The 5W+5W stereo speakers are built in to provide audiovisual conditions with high image and audio qualities. Furthermore, the Viewer feature allows you to view slides stored on a USB memory on the projector. Even if no computer is available, presentations can be conducted simply with the projector.