Complete Cabling Product Line

The backbone of any communications system, whether voice or data is the cable plan. Properly installed and configured for your future organizational requirements, it will provide years of fault free operations. MTR offers a complete cabling product line both in support of our own systems installations and as a separate offering in support of non-MTR solutions.

Implementation & Installation

We design implementation and installation of various wiring mediums. MTR has implemented multi-pair copper, shielded copper and fiber optic wiring designs for many different customer applications. Our MTR Standard voice/data cable plan includes a Category 5 (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6) data cable run combined with a Category 3 run in support of your voice system. For high speed data capacity supporting Ethernet and LAN/WAN systems, MTR provides the necessary throughput and future capacity for most data applications.

Structure Cabling (Data & Voice Cabling)

  • Internal & External Network & Telephone Cabling

  • Cabling for Office Premises

    Single / Multi Story

  • Cabling for Factories

    Single / Multi Lot

  • Data Cable Management System

    Accessories and equipment

  • Consultation for Structure Cabling